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PLAY — WIN — Money — TON — fanton —
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  • Before Fanton, I knew no more than 10 footballers. When I saw the game launch on Telegram, it piqued my interest. I started playing actively. Thanks to Fanton, I've been enhancing my knowledge of the football world while also earning real money on the side.
  • Fanton is a good fantasy football game, with a mix of NFT and premium tournaments. If you know the ropes, you can win big.
  • Watching football has become much more interesting, and with the new scoring system, you don't just watch goal actions. I was happy when a defender goes for a tackle, or every time a player receives the ball and makes a pass. Now, I watch a lot of matches, it's great and fun! I invested a decent amount, but I have already made it back. I won NFT cards of Bernardo, Marquinhos, Donnarumma, and many other top players, not to mention the profits in TON! I love this project; it became a cool place for me to distract from everyday problems, have a good time, and make money!
  • FANTON - FOREVER. This is a project that restored my lost passion for football and monetized my knowledge and intuition in a gambling game form. With initial investments of about 1000 TON, I managed to earn around 7000 TON in six months, participating in NFT tournaments, and buying/selling the project's NFTs. I'm not even talking about the super community, whose members gradually become friends in real life. So, FANTON - FOREVER!!!
    Maksim G
  • The game literally forces you to discover new teams, players, and follow statistics. It also allows you to make money. But the most important plus is the community, with whom it is extremely interesting to discuss not only the matches of top clubs but also outsiders. This is very valuable!
    Roma D
  • Throughout 2023, I grew my capital from 3k to 6k TON, leveraging my knowledge of football and trading NFTs. Additionally, I finally delved deep into understanding my favorite Serie A, the Italian championship. Fanton motivates me to explore nuances in football that I had never considered before!
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